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We are a family-owned and operated, locally-owned tree service that specializes in large and dangerous tree removal in Senoia, GA, Peachtree City, GA, Newnan, GA, and the surrounding areas. We offer completely Free Estimates and 24/7 Emergency Tree Removal from storm damage. Give us a call today to schedule your estimate!

What we do

Debris Hauling

Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Tree Pruning

Habitat Preservation


Who we are

Owned and operated by Mike Stover since 2014, we are a family-owned and operated tree service business that serves Senoia, Peachtree City, Newnan, and the surrounding areas. We offer a number of different services for your tree care and lawn needs! Be sure to give us a call!

What makes us different from other tree companies?

  • Family-owned & Operated
  • Locally owned
  • Free Estimates
  • Affordable
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • No job is too big or too small
  • Habitat Preservation
  • Landscaping Services

Tree Removal Services

Get rid of your unhealthy or unwanted trees in a safe, cost-effective manner, without destroying your entire landscape/yard. We are experts in all phases of tree removal. We have the proper knowledge and equipment to remove problem trees quickly with little effect on the rest of your property. We have extremely skilled climbers that can remove the hard to reach trees on your property safely. Do not risk your property to amateurs, we have the experience to deal with any tree removal situation in an informed manner and we can help you decide on the best option for your unwanted trees.

Tree Trimming Services

We generally trim trees for 3 reason for appearance, safety or health.

1. Appearance Trimming and Pruning a tree can make it look much better and help it keep a nice shape. While we don’t recommend trying to force a tree into an unnatural shape, we do believe in proper shaping to maximize the trees natural build. We want to make it look it’s best without doing any unneeded damage to the tree.

2. Safety We make sure that any dead or broken branches and limbs are removed so that there is not a safety issue. We want to be sure there is no danger to power lines or structures from damaged or weak branches or limbs.

3. Tree Health Making sure your tree is trimmed can greatly improve the overall tree health. It is sometimes possible to save an infected tree by pruning away affected areas. Trimming can also assist in keeping branches from interfering with each other and increasing airflow to the tree.

Landscaping Services

Georgia's Best Tree Service provides vision and expert landscaping services to match any budget or project size. Mowing, trimming, edging, landscape design, and more! Contact us today and see why our customers love the work we do!

Habitat Preservation

Nothing matters more than the safety of your home so why destroy the little critters home too? We are dedicated to preserving the habitats of all creatures, whether it be a small, little bird’s nest or even a dray of squirrels.

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